Feedback and Revising (Or Working I Should Say)

The feedback I received was pretty uniform across the board considering I didn’t have much to show due to changing my thesis slightly. However, after taking the advice to change up the thesis and following through with the advice to explore additional sources, I’ve finally broken through the block that had me stuck in the beginning. I had some very good suggestions as sources that gave a lot of content for my paper as well. To give myself some more structure to work with (this is the first time I’m writing a paper in this manner), I split the paper up into subsections with titles to separate the paper into parts that I could rearrange to help with the flow of ideas. From there I took the quotes from the suggested sources as well as the other sources and arranged them within the subsections to follow said flow of ideas. This made it immensely easier to dive in and begin writing the paper, as the subsections and arranged quotes gave me a path to follow.

The biggest part was identifying the additional sources that ended up being invaluable. The more I had to relate to one another, the more I was able build a foundations for the argument I wanted to present. Ironically, it still leads to what I initially intended on writing, but the more refined focus keeps it from becoming too big and broad of a topic to write about. So now, instead of focusing on the science fiction, it gets a mention at the end. Most of the paper will deal with collective memory, collective legacy and their impact on identity. Needless to say, the sources have changed rather drastically, but I think I can manage to keep a few from the previous idea as well since it will be moving in that direction anyway.


  1. Jason Tougaw Said,

    February 4, 2017 @ 5:44 pm

    I’m excited to find out what your new sources are–and what those subsections will be. I’m glad to hear the process is getting easier.

  2. zahava Said,

    February 5, 2017 @ 1:05 am

    James! I’m really excited to see what you’ve written. I’m really happy you were able to rpgoress past your initial roadblocks and produce something that you’re more comfortable with. Your topic sounds interesting and I’m sure you were able to keep a lot of your old sources, which was probably helpful. I’m glad that you have found a topic that still interests you but is not a giant undertaking that would end up stressing you out more.I think organizing your paper in subsections is a smart move and will keep everything organized.

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